Material Inspections

You have excellent quality material and expert constructors, but does it satisfy the scope and specification of your project? To get this assurance, you need an effective material inspection to avoid future losses. So, when you’re looking to connect with a reliable control service provider – Mesquite Material Testing, L.L.C. (MMT) is your go-to business.

We are a recognized name for material inspection in Nevada. With over 2 decades of experience in satisfying clients – MMT knows what your next construction process needs. We don’t generalize construction projects. Instead, our experts understand that you would have unique specifications and vision. Our qualified individuals for material and product inspection never disappoint.

Our skillful professionals work closely with your on-site project construction crew and project managers. MMT’s capabilities combined with your insights result in a smooth and worry-free construction process you desire.

We specialize in material quality control service to ensure your soil, concrete, asphalt, and other materials meet your project demands. After the due diligence and gaining a deep understanding, we get to work. Our material and product inspection services for your construction project includes:

Visual Inspection:

Along with top equipment, you need accurate vision to detect whether the material complies with the project specification. This is exactly what you get with our skilled professionals. Being in business for well over 20 years, our individuals have the eye to spot anomalies in your material.

The certified engineers at MMT provide the efficient material quality control that you’re looking for. Here’s what you can expect when you avail of MMT’s visual inspection services as we check for material’s:

  • Consistency and continuation
  • Cracks
  • Defects
  • Flexibility and strength

Dimension and Quantity Checking:

It’s not necessary that your construction project requirement will be the same as someone else. In particular, when you talk about the dimensions and quantity, they need to be accurate. A slight difference or oversight can lead to major unfortunate occurrences.

To be proactive and avoid disasters, you can avail of MMT’s services of material and product inspection. Our individuals hold certification from Nevada Alliance from Quality Transportation Construction (NAQTC). The urge to exceed your expectations is what drives us to present accurate observations with the highest level of precision.

Some of the many answers you’ll get from our material inspection are:

  • Whether your soil is of the right quantity
  • Is the thickness of the concrete accurate
  • Either strength and straightness of rebars match the requirement

Comprehensive Audit:

The last thing that we’d want to do is keep you in the dark or confused in all the jargon. That’s the reason why our material inspection in Nevada includes transparent reporting. You’ll get a clear idea about:

  • Your project requirements
  • The current status of your materials
  • How you can achieve your construction project goals?

The ultimate goal of Mesquite Material Testing, L.L.C. (MMT) is to make sure the construction materials are up to project standards.