Materials Testing

Before you start your construction activities, it’s extremely vital to be certain about the product material. Just a slight bit of oversight can cause major casualties. Shielding people from imminent disaster is what Mesquite Material Testing, L.L.C. (MMT) is known for.

Our experienced professionals possess the skillset to perform thorough construction materials testing. We understand that each construction project has its own complications and specifications. That’s the reason why we work hand-in-hand with your on-site technicians to gain knowledge about the construction project.

After assessing the scope of your project, MMT’s experts provide material testing and consulting service accordingly. With an eye for detail and the exposure of conducting construction materials engineering and testing – we verify the quality of your construction materials.

It can be any material for your construction project – you name it, and MMT’s materials testing services can effectively accommodate you. Here are some of the wide range of construction materials testing services we offer:

Concrete Material Testing:

The durability of your construction site is dictated by the strength of the concrete. A simple piece of concrete might look solid from your eye, but what are its internal properties? To be sure and satisfied, our qualified personnel can assist you with diligent concrete material testing.

Some of the concrete material testing services of MMT include floor flatness inspection, coring, and evaluation, pavement marking. After we’re done with the construction materials testing, you’ll better understand the construction concrete’s air content, temperature, and unit weight.

Soil and Aggregate Testing:

We see sand, dust, rocks, and soil around us. But have you ever stopped and thought about what their properties are? That won’t be necessary under usual circumstances unless you need material for your construction site. In that scenario, you need to be aware of the nitty-gritty of the soil and aggregate, which is exactly what MMT provides.

Our construction materials engineering and testing services determine if its quality matches your project and advise you accordingly. Some of MMT’s soil and aggregate testing services include rock evaluation, density, moisture testing, and index property assessment.

Asphalt Material Testing:

Every construction project has unique requirements. That’s the reason why you need flexible material testing and consulting services. That’s where MMT comes in to assess the attributes of the asphalt material, with respect to the construction specifications.

Our certified personnel confirm that the asphalt pavement quality compliments the scope of your construction project. We offer grade evaluation, emulations and cutbacks, coring, extraction, and much more.

You can determine asphalt material’s attributes for a flawless construction project with our high-end testing services. These include its temperature, thickness, gravity, stability.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you focus on your construction process instead of worrying about the material’s quality.