Understanding the Main Negotiation Tactics Used by Buyers

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June 5, 2024
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June 10, 2024

In negotiations, the goal is to come up with a mutually beneficial outcome. It’s crucial, however, to understand and recognize some of the most popular negotiation tactics used by buyers in order you can take them off effectively. These include framing, anchoring and the tactic of bogey.

Anchoring is a method of negotiation whereby the buyer decides on a starting price or number for their range of bargaining. This is a common tactic used by buyers to entice sellers into accepting the lower price. Buyers may also use the bogey strategy, where they highlight an issue that’s not as crucial to them, but which they want you to compromise to make an agreement.

A powerful method to influence your counterpart in a negotiation is to use an emotional appeal. This can be done through the telling of a story or a personal request. If you’re negotiating for a salary, you may find it beneficial to tell a story about the hard work you’ve put into it and why you deserve the best pay. This can be especially efficient if you’re dealing someone with authority such as an employee or supervisor.

Negotiators frequently use the technique of positional bargaining to gain positions, and then to give them up. This could backfire because negotiators might become too attached to their positions and feel that giving up an aspect of the negotiation would be like losing the face. Plan ahead to avoid this by defining your minimum requirements and understanding the possibility of having to compromise in order to achieve a good deal.


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