Working With Documents

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June 3, 2024
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June 7, 2024

Working with documents is an essential aspect of any job. Whether you’re handing off a project to an incoming team member or planning for a busy time it is imperative to document the process. Documentation that is well-organized allows you to provide a wealth of information, from account logins to step-by-step directions, which your team can use when the work is getting more intense. Documentation can also save time as you don’t have to look through emails or download files to locate the information you require.

Document — (noun) A piece of paper that contains official information such as a contract, receipt or letter. Documents can also be a written record of something like an entry in a journal or a school report. Documents are either semistructured or unstructured. Unstructured documents are handwritten notes, newspaper articles and letters; semistructured documents include books, databases and blogs online. Documents can also be work of nonfiction that provides a reference study or comparison like manuscripts, illustrations, printed matter, photographs, maps and museum specimens.

On a macOS device document is a file that stores formatting and text in a format that can be printed on a standard piece of paper, or displayed on an LCD screen. You can create documents using macOS applications such as Pages and TextEdit, and by using templates in the App Store. For more information, refer to the Apple Documentation for Pages and the Apple Documentation for TextEdit. You can also seek help with these apps and others by clicking Help in the menu bar or by searching for “document” while working.

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