More than twenty years ago, we laid the foundations of Mesquite Materials Testing, L.L.C. (MMT). Our professional staff has experience in construction, construction management, surveying, and materials testing. Our technical staff has a wide range of certifications to perform both laboratory and field testing.  This has brought value to our firm as our people have working knowledge of how to put practices into place from the field to the laboratory.  Over the years, we have built a reputation of ourselves as the go-to source for materials testing.

Our Mission

Mesquite Materials Testing’s (MMT) mission is to provide excellence in the areas of customer service, quality data and employee relations.  A goal of MMT, a nationally accredited construction materials testing firm specializing in Quality Assurance and Quality Control, is to develop long-term customer relationships that follows the ‘clients first’ approach by providing cutting-edge solutions, premium, on-time, accurate and reliable data.  Quality data is provided by certified inspection personnel and a professional staff in laboratory facilities set-up to maintain appropriate measures in calibration and repeatability. It is our objective to be known for:

Building an excellent legacy

Developing high-end solutions

Fostering healthy relationships


From day one, the only thing that matters to us is fulfilling the promise we make to you. That is why we work tirelessly to ensure no details go unnoticed. To prove our unwavering commitment in the pursuit of giving you high-quality services, we communicate openly, reducing any chance of miscommunication, ultimately resulting in your peace of mind.

MMT is dedicated to treating its employees with dignity and respect in a safe environment that promotes growth and advancement. We have a long-term vision of growth in market and services while maintaining a personal level of service.